Virgo Love Relationship with Other Zodiac Signs

Virgo Love Relationship with Other Zodiac Signs

Virgo Love Relationship with Other Zodiac Signs

Virgo Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Virgo is intelligent, observant, and logical, with analytic turn of mind. Virgo's credo - "If you do something, do it well." Virgo respects and appreciates erudition and has miscellaneous interests. "Significance" means a lot for Virgo, and he always endeavours at perfection. Many people born under this sign were able to succeed in the sphere of activity chosen by them.


Virgo may be intrigued with Aries's boldness, but in bed Aries needs a passionate partner. Aries is adventurous by nature, while Virgo prefers to deal with somebody tested and reliable. Virgo likes stimulating conversation, Aries prefers stimulating actions. Their connection is unlikely, and their marriage even more so.


Taurus prefers to enjoy sex without much noise and trouble, while Virgo is disposed to analysis, study and perhaps criticism. Otherwise Virgo may turn out a passionate partner who suits Taurus perfectly. In all other spheres their compatibility is complete. Both of them are down-to-earth, practical homebodies. Their connection is happy, though not very exciting, and their marriage is good.


They can come together in sexual aspect, as Virgo is rather indifferent in this sphere, and Gemini is not remarkable for too much passion. But Gemini's attitude to love-making is much more impulsive, and he is unlikely to put up with Virgo's grumbling. Gemini needs freedom, and he doesn't accept the Virgo's wish to dominate. Virgo in his turn considers Gemini irresponsible. Connection is possible, but marriage is unsuccessful.


Virgo provides Cancer with that emotional safety he needs and shows his feelings with the help of numerous little attentions. Virgo's wish to care and protect makes a perfect match with Cancer's dependence. Imagination of Cancer stimulates Virgo, and Cancer's wish to give pleasure to his partner makes Virgo's attachment deeper and stronger. Both of them are able to exert themselves and to start enjoying life. Passionate connection and long-lasting marriage.


Leo is very sexual, and Virgo is more interested in reliability than love-making. They will never understand each other, especially since Virgo has a bent for criticizing, unfortunately. But Leo should always be above criticism. Practical and down-to-earth approach of Virgo also comes into conflict with expansive and optimistic nature of Leo. Connection is possible for one night, and marriage will most probably end in catastrophe.


Both partners are reserved in respect of sex and consider intimacy as a basis of something more important - life partnership. Their requirements for each other in bed aren't too exacting and don't cause complaints or criticisms. Virgo just cannot act in other way. This connection is rather tense, and marriage is possible unless it gets boring in this home too soon.


Libra loves nature strikes against cold analytical manners of Virgo. Virgo is too critical and undermines Libra's self-confidence. Occasional frivolity of Libra also upsets Virgo who is intolerant of indiscretion. These two signs have little in common, their connection will be very difficult, and it's better not to finish it with marriage.


In general, they are quite compatible, though Virgo may damp the Scorpio's enthusiasm a little. Scorpio is trying to wake up Virgo's sexuality and the latter keeps wondering - cannot they remain just friends, not lovers? If Virgo makes a compromise, Scorpio stays tactful. This is an interesting connection with prospects for permanent relations.


Sagittarius's attitude to love drives Virgo crazy. Virgo's sense of safety is hurt. Sagittarius doesn't try to understand Virgo's needs and shows intolerance to Virgo's prudent, sanctimonious attitude to sex. It is inevitable that sooner or later Sagittarius starts seeking another partner. They can stay together for a week, but not for life.


In sexual aspect Capricorn is very attractive for Virgo. But a certain disagreement is possible because of subordinate role Virgo will play in bed. Unless this happens, both sides are capable of creating harmonious relations. Both of them are practical, emotional, reserved and intellectual. Their connection may turn out rather boring, but marriage will be strong and successful.


Both treat love as an intellectual pastime rather than physical activity. The ideal relations suffer from their practical differences. Virgo's attitude to sex is puritanical, Aquarius's - extravagant. Virgo considers Aquarius careless, and Aquarius considers Virgo indifferent. Their love will gradually come to naught. Their connection is realistic, but their marriage is unwise.


For Virgo, love is closely connected with stability, and physical needs - with intellectual compatibility, while for Pisces love is the main pleasure of life, its beauty and emotional essence. Virgo's careful and prudent approach to sex runs counter to unlimited desires of Pisces. If Virgo remains so reserved, their connection will finish very soon, and marriage will be successful.

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