Taurus Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Taurus Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Taurus Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Taurus Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

The person born under this sign of Zodiac is very insistent. He often wins thanks to his industry and extraordinary patience and never gives up his plans. He rarely follows others' advice and sometimes can push his way through. It is uneasy to unsettle him but his anger lasts long, and he never forgets offences. He is inquisitive, just, strong-willed, affectionate, jealous and conservative in his views.


They are two different people. Taurus hates to be hurried, and this will cool the ardour of Aries who is prone to more impulsive and quick actions. Sensual imagination is not a Taurus's strong point, and if Aries relies on emotions, Taurus will find it difficult to return his feelings. Their relations may be very hot, but in marriage Taurus should learn to ignore the infidelity of Aries.


Two Taurus’s are not always sexually compatible. A woman is sentimental in love, while a man is more down-to-earth by nature. The man Taurus prefers the company of other men and likes chasing the women. The woman Taurus cannot bear deceit or inattention toward herself. Their relation can be and should be pleasant, but the future of their marriage is an open question.


Ambivalent, changeable, many-sided Gemini is opposite to the constancy of Taurus. Taurus is attracted by the artistry and rich imagination of Gemini, and the reserve of Taurus arouses Gemini's interest. But Gemini are irritated with Taurus's slow reaction and his awkward, amateurish love plays. Their connection is rather colourless, and prospects for marriage leave much to be desired.


Taurus sees Cancer as a romantic and satisfying partner. Changeable mood of Cancer won't shake the stability of Taurus, and constancy of his character gives reliable grounds for delaying the start of love affair. Both have strong desire of passionate, emotional life. If physical side of their relations satisfies them, their connection will be quite acceptable, and their marriage may be successful.


Taurus will have to put up with Leo's megalomania. Leo considers it natural to take the central place in his partner's life. Leo is sympathetic and loves life; Taurus is inclined to reserve and egoism. There unlikely to be any problem in the sexual aspect but Leo should set the pace and spirit. It is very difficult to satisfy a Leo, and this can complicate their relations; planning long ahead, it is not a good combination.


Physical aspect is more developed in Taurus's personality, and he may be irritated with Virgo's Puritanism. When making love, Virgo prefers simple ways and tries to avoid extravagances if possible. Taurus doesn't mind simplicity, but his sexual inexhaustibility may concern Virgo. Except for that, there won't be many problems. It is a good connection, and successful marriage is possible, though compromise in the sexual questions is necessary.


Libra will bring to their life a lot of emotional warmth and understanding, which are necessary to analyse and solve all physical problems. Libra will try to excite and satisfy his partner. Taurus is also very insistent, so the probabilities of mutual satisfaction are rather high. Taurus can play leading role in the bedroom. This connection is rather promising, and a good, long-lasting union is possible.


They have equally strong sexual desire; besides, neither of them feels a need for adulterous relationships. In a chafe Taurus can be stubborn, while all signs of Zodiac should fear the Scorpio's anger. Their connection is expected to be full of storms, and marriage is possible only if both partners are unusually tolerant and patient.


The danger here is that Taurus will try to keep the freedom-loving Sagittarius on a short leash, but in vain. Taurus who is very sexual by nature will be satisfied with Sagittarius's voluptuousness but his wish to seek love everywhere will irritate Taurus. They will feel good together, but careless Sagittarius is usually much better as a lover than a spouse.


Their sexual drive is equally strong, and neither of them seeks an unrestrained, extravagant sex. Taurus will dislike the Capricorn's innate tendency to hide his expectations, and Capricorn in his turn will take negatively the Taurus's attempts to have his own way. There won't be "romance" in their relations, but they are capable of sensual love and good, long-lasting partnership.


Aquarius who is inclined to introspection, isn't as interested in the physical side of love as Taurus. Aquarius will prefer the intellectual communication, but this type of love won't satisfy the sensual Taurus. On the other hand, Aquarius will consider Taurus too demanding. But Aquarius likes becoming proficient in love techniques, and this may fascinate him. It's a casual affair and unpromising marriage.


In sex Pisces are lively and unpredictable, and it may be difficult for Taurus to handle him. But the insistent Taurus can reach a lot by helping Pisces to satisfy his sexual fantasies and tactfully encouraging them. The success of relations and sexual harmony depends on Taurus. The prospects of passionate love and satisfactory marriage are good.

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