Sagittarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Sagittarius’s are straightforward, sincere, charming people. Often they are loved by people around them. They are independent and active, despise restrictions of all kinds. They like reading and travelling and often succeed in their work.


In all respects, Sagittarius is Aries's tutor, and in spite of mutual wish to start other affairs they stick together because they understand that they cannot find a better person to be with. If people of both signs are well-bred, mutual impulsion won't turn into mutual insulting. Strange as it may seem, the disagreements only add fuel to the flame of their attraction.


This connection rarely can be successful. Sagittarius's dictatorial, peremptory and imposing policy causes protest and aversion of Taurus. They suit each other as sexual partners but no more. Even children cannot strengthen these relations, but they can be kept as a marriage for convenience.


This connection is very rare, unusual and as a rule based on advantage. Lest their relations should play out, they should constantly renovate them with the help of travelling, going out, entertainments, guests etc. In this marriage Gemini plays the role of the person who puts into practice the will and wishes of Sagittarius. If Gemini has a weaker character, then Sagittarius will take the lead and start to guide him in everything. In spiritual aspect this is a union of teacher and pupil. They are polar opposites, and this gives both of them opportunities for spiritual growth.


This is a bright, many-sided, deceptive and rather frequent alliance with a lot of excitement, sex, scandals, as well as disappointments and offences. Getting control over Cancer is as difficult for Sagittarius, as getting control over Sagittarius is for Cancer, and they both are trying to do it - in vain but hard. 


Their love and marriage is often built on mutual authority, similar outlook and working together. They both like adventures and travelling; they both are adventurous and venturesome. Their relations do not only consist in holidays, pleasures and social life, but also in intense creative work together. Together they are striving for the impossible.


A rare combination Thrifty Virgo is suffering from extravagance and generosity of Sagittarius. They may get united by joint serving the people in the social or religious spheres. In this connection Virgo serve the purposes and plans of Sagittarius, as his protector Mercury serves Jupiter.


A wonderful combination the connection between these two signs is strengthened with similar outlook, as well as love and friendship. Both of them aim at eager activity and as a rule, they reach certain position and status.


This is a strange but rather frequent connection. It looks as though both partners were spurring each other into action. Passionate lovers, like-minded spouses who can achieve a lot together, wonderful attentive parents - such are the most characteristic features of this marriage.


Can two kings sit on one throne? One of them will have to relinquish his hold. Life of two Sagittarius’s will be marked with constant race for power. Either of them will try to become the master of the family. Family will divide into two enemy camps unless the parties are united with a common goal - in this case they will behave like two hunters driving a hare. 


Sagittarius is a censor of public laws, order and generally accepted rules. But for Capricorn, they don't exist at all - only his own rules are important for him. Their alliance is possible as much as it is possible to reconcile one's inner laws with public laws, the individual with the collective. It may be either a marriage for convenience when spouses share the same interests or business, or a fully spiritual marriage.


Lightness of relations, friendship, adventurism and mutual understanding, which gets only stronger with time, prevails in this marriage. Both Sagittarius and Capricorn like trips, changes, companies, society. They both give each other a certain share of freedom while remembering about generally accepted rules. Fantasy and humour remain with them even in the hard times. Their children are their best friends and the meaning of their life. They live a new life with their children.


Only religion, mysticism and common ideals can unite these people. Their happy union is possible on condition that both partners have big spiritual potential. If spouses manage to understand each other and if they are connected with some common activity, their union is perfection itself. But in everyday life active Sagittarius with his strong zest for life and self-absorbed Pisces can hardly come together. They irritate each other.

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