Pisces Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Pisces Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Pisces Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Pisces Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

These people have highly developed intuition and spiritual approach to life. They are of ambivalent nature on the one hand, they are honest, methodical and industrious, from the other hand - they are dreamy, impressionable and idealistic. They are seeking harmony, beauty and peace and feel very disappointed when they understand that reality is far from perfection. They prefer loneliness and contemplation. Material values do not matter for them as much as spiritual wealth. They dislike innovations and changes and give preference to the old and well-known things.


This is a rare and in all respects unsuccessful connection, though Aries attracts Pisces very much. But they are really too different. The Pisces' heart is so soft and kind, and he cannot get adapted to the restless nature of Aries. Aries, in his turn, may fail to see the Pisces' delicacy which will cause much suffering to Pisces. As a result, Pisces may go into hysteric and start cheating on his spouse. But Aries doesn't notice his emotions and sees in his partner only a house-keeper.


This alliance is very stable. Their household is strong, and it gets even stronger if the couple has children. For the sake of children Pisces can even forget about Taurus. When Pisces shares his life with Taurus, he will not go back a step any more. And Taurus who has caught his "golden fish" will never let it go, creating in his personal "aquarium" the best conditions for Pisces. This connection gives Pisces feeling of confidence in the future - something they wish very much.


This marital union is unstable and short-lived. Harmony is impossible here for many reasons. First of all, this is difference of temperaments. Sensitiveness and sensuality prevail in Pisces' character, while Gemini is light-minded and unstable. Pisces' rich fantasy, vivid imagination, excessive susceptibility and impressionability often irritate Gemini. Pisces needs rest, cosiness, pleasures and delights, reliable and confident life, harmony in his own house. His inner warmth is alien to cool, intellectual atmosphere of Gemini. And if for Gemini this marriage is just another entertainment, for Pisces it is a source of nervousness, pain and sufferings.


Not only harmonious friendship and successful cooperation, but also deep mutual love, often at first sight, can exist between these people. For Pisces, this alliance is considered successful and even ideal. Divorces here are extraordinarily rare. Pisces need Cancer's care, softness and gentleness very much. On the other hand, Pisces' tenderness, responsibility and profound sense of duty creates the most favourable atmosphere for Cancer both at home and in the family relations. Cancer's optimism, faith, love and hope are that spiritual food Pisces cannot live without, and Cancer never breaks the heart of his "golden fish".


The marital union between the representatives of these two signs, as a rule, collapses very soon. Their total diversity in everything - from temperament to views on life - reports itself from the very beginning. Pisces is suitable for Leo only as a sexual partner, and that but for a short time. After the initial passion is satisfied, Leo at once loses interest in Pisces. 


This connection is "neither fish nor fowl". Some sympathy may exist between the partners, but physical attraction is absent. Only Pisces in this marriage gets the lion's share of benefit because Virgo supports Pisces financially and morally. Here Pisces is saved from fear of future and poverty - something he is most afraid of. Pisces expects from this marriage nothing but help. And Virgo doesn't need anything Pisces can give him - tenderness, submissiveness, love and intimacy, charming dreams and castles in the sky. Virgo uses Pisces more practically - as parents of their children and only sometimes - as spouses.


There is no saying about this marital union. For many various reasons divorces, scandals and fatal partings can be seen here. Friendship is possible, as conditions for it are favourable, and this is just a wonderful combination for business cooperation.


This connection may be marked with stability, steadiness, faithfulness and reliability of the partners. Though female Scorpios make too high demands and run the family life being the strict and strong half of this marriage, male Pisces willingly take their bait. Pisces can live only in quiet warm water, and he can always rely on Scorpio. He can be entrusted Pisces' destiny, happiness and loving heart. In general, Pisces needs much care and even more feelings, but Scorpio readily accepts these conditions as both sides value friendly and warm atmosphere, safe home and peaceful coexistence which is guaranteed.


In spite of strong physical attraction which may exist between these two partners, the marital union between them is very problematic. The contradictions between them are so critical that it is practically impossible to overcome them.

The ambitions of female Sagittarius make male Pisces nervous as they draw him away from his world of fantasies and compel him to work. Their union can be more stable and strong if male Pisces has bent for free and creative professions, especially art, literature or music. In this case female Sagittarius herself will be interested in continuing their relations.


The best variant of marital union is between a male Pisces and a female Capricorn. They are not only physically attracted by each other, but also very similar in spiritual and intellectual aspects. Capricorn plays the leading role in this marriage, as she is the basis of the family welfare and always offers her help to her husband in time. The benefit is mutual, as Pisces remains supported and cared for till the end of his life, while bringing into their relations with Capricorn his warm-heartedness, tenderness and understanding. He even starts getting accustomed to working and forgets about his laziness. The life of this couple is gradually gets right. 

But if this connection is made by male Capricorn and female Pisces, things look different. Pisces is fond of tender words and love games and pastimes, but Capricorn has no time for all that. He works a lot and would rather talk about business and work. But if female Pisces dreams about a rich partner, if she needs rest, safety, comfort and confidence in the future, she will be able to get used to Capricorn's ways, as he can give her all she needs.


This marital union is problematic and unfavorable. Their relations may start in a merry and festive way, but stability of long-term relations is doubtful. Everything is unstable and fluctuant here - feelings, spirits, life and destiny itself. All Pisces can do is either abrogate his views and principles for the sake of Capricorn or leave the hostile waters as soon as possible.


This marriage can be very successful and happy though "castles in the air" and a portion of disorder will be present in it. Partners will support, encourage and comfort each other, and their ability to forgive will help them solve many problems. Thus, co-existing and sharing everything, they keep their marriage, and some disorder, if taken easy, will make their home even warmer and more intimate.

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