Leo Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

 Leo Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Leo Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Leo Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Of course, it's not everybody's vocation - to rule an empire or the world, but people born under this sign stand a better chance to become the leader. They are very unhappy if they are not admired or worshipped. But Leos' vocation is also to love - not only to rule. They are kind, noble, and sincere in their motives. Often they are dramatically gifted, and the world for them is a big stage.


They come together because both of them are eccentric and passionate by nature and very interested in sex. But Aires’s passion to dominate strikes against Leo’s wished to rule resulting in irreconcilable conflict. Nevertheless, their physical similarity is so big that it overcomes these problems. Their connection is merry, their marriage is wonderful.


The romantic beginning of their relations may turn into the war. They both are too stubborn, and competition between them may turn out dangerous. They can have rather good intimate relations but Leo's exaltation will irritate quiet and well-balanced Taurus, while extravagant Leo will feel hurt with niggardliness of Taurus. Connection is possible but long-lasting relations are unlikely.


Gemini should be intelligent enough to constantly charm Leo. Leo may dislike his partner's affairs, as they undermine his royal image but Gemini's complaisance will help them to keep their relations. Leo is attached to Gemini but easily dominates their relations being a stronger personality. Their connection is pleasant, their marriage is good.


Leo is more oriented toward casual affairs than Cancer who is inclined to more serious relations. Cancer wants more than just intimate relations - he is disposed to stability and those small signs of attention typical for love. Leo is prepared to give that to Cancer if in return he receives Cancer's love and some admiration from his side. Unless that happens, the prognosis for mutual understanding is unfavourable.


Like everywhere, in the bedroom Leo tends to think only about himself. But the question is can two "I" turn into one "we"? Well, kings and queens usually say "we" speaking about themselves, so why not? Both are sexually compatible and very romantic. Either of them should allow another to shine from time to time and share his shining if necessary. Of course, it's not always possible, but when it works out, long lives the king! Long live the queen!


Leo is remarkable for stronger sexuality than Virgo, and this may cause some problems in bed. Conservative Virgo painfully reacts to Leo's royal extravagance. Besides, Virgo dislikes to be ordered about, and this is what Leo needs. If Virgo tries to criticize Leo, the latter may snarl and show his teeth! A very short affair is possible. Marriage- No way!


Leo's approach to sex is more physical and direct than Libra's. But they can have good time together because Libra is also capable of strong passion. Libra who takes life easy shouldn't forget that proper admiration of Leo is necessary from his side, especially in the bedroom. Leo is recommended to control his spirits. In this case a good and long-lasting connection is possible.


Candles, champagne and silk sheets in the bedroom will help smooth over the possible problems. Scorpio's jealousy insults Leo. Scorpio doesn't have that admiration and respect for Leo which he needs so much. Scorpio is very possessive, and Leo can't bear that. Either of them wants to dominate. Their connection may be pleasant, but marriage is not recommended.


Both love adventures and see love as one of them. Both of them are extroverts; both are passionate and follow their sexual propensities without hurting their partner. Both are fond of frequent making love. Sagittarius stimulates and inspires Leo, and Leo arouses in Sagittarius the feeling of strongest devotion this sign of Zodiac is capable of. Their connection is wonderful, and happy marriage is guaranteed.


Practical Capricorn is trying to put a bridle on expansive and optimistic nature of Leo, and his brightness made fade from this connection. They are very different from each other. Capricorn isn't as romantic and loving as Leo, but at the same time may prove to be too demanding. Besides, he is irritated with Leo's extravagance. Their connection is possible, but marriage is unlikely to be successful.


Aquarius improves the Leo's sexual individuality and makes sex more exciting. Leo is irritated with Aquarius's disposition to analysis, as it undermines his self-confidence and confidence of his power. Besides, unorthodox sexual behaviour of Aquarius gets on Leo's nerves. A short connection is possible, but marriage is unreal.


Active and expansive Leo cannot understand shy and introvert Pisces and doesn't even try to solve the mystery of his sexual behaviour. Both of them tend to receive rather than to give. Their initial magnetic affection soon leads to the explosion. Pisces is a weaker sign, and Leo is concerned with his lack of ambition. When Pisces loses his heart, Leo's pride doesn't allow him to express his sympathy with Pisces. Their connection is very complicated, and their marriage, most probably, will be unsuccessful.

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