Learn How our service is different from others

Learn How our service is different from others

Learn How our service is different from others

Learn How our service is different from others

According to modern science, the ethereal astronomical bodies as well as the nine planets have a substantial impact on each individual and living-beings in this so-called cosmic world. Each and every living soul on globe is controlled and gets affected by the actions, movements of the stellar features. These controlled-powers can leave good or bad footprints or impressions on specific creatures, depending upon their birth-time, date and place. 

As a result, Jyotirvid recommends taking proper guidelines from a learned astrologer to avoid its bad consequences and adverse conditions and hence provides Kundli options. 

In consequence, Jyotirvid has come up with two different categories in Kundli, one is Handmade Janam Kundli which exclusively provides 100% accurate, satisfactory and authentic future-predictions as well as their solutions by our Professional Astrologers. 

The other one is- The unique commercial online birth-chart- Business Life-Prediction Kundli which is generated by learned astrologers and skilled predictors within 3-5 days and thus gives a detailed scrutiny, astrological observations about your business and trade. 

The Law of the Nature says: The ratio of the Kundli is 60 % person's endeavours (efforts) towards any venture or event and 40% Karma to a former time (past-life).  Henceforth, do good, and good will come to you, because life is a Boomerang what you give you get in one way or other. 

For this reason, Jyotirvid always says and suggests to wisely choose what is adequate and what not in every circumstance & situation for your peerless future. To avoid mishaps and afflictions, Jyotirvid has especially worked a lot on designing the types of Kundli for their clients, customers and readers. 

Considering the major factors such as Kundli charges, its objectives, the outlines, Kundli-types and the sublime astrologers for drafting those into flawless products.

Our services are 100% genuine and the Kundli provided (on-order) is created by experienced and knowledgeable maestros in their respective fields. 

Some more promises, Undoubtedly, Jyotirvid fulfils, with reference to the Product (Kundli):

 •Jyotirvid assures you to hand-over the Best out of the Best in every facet. 

 •The Kundli will be delivered within a time slot of 3-4 days at your door-steps. 

 •Skilled and Proficient (your choice) Astrologers will design your Kundli description, taking your birth-       time, place and date in account. 

 •The Kundli will only be handed-over, once it will be cross-checked by the back-end team. 

 •It would not be fake, hoaxed and copied from some other websites and applications.

 •100% hand-made, proof-read and real product.

 •No Software tools and will not be computerized, calculated through software devices are used for   Kundli.

 •Will be delivered in a beautiful- Handmade envelope with no flaws. 

 •Designed and created in a personalized hand-made paper with large fonts. 

NOTE: We are not comparing our KUNDLI products with any of the other websites and the organisations who provide a set of Kundlis & other related- astrological services to the customers/clients. 

Moreover, we will look forward for your response and acknowledgement in virtue of accuracy, affordability and authentication, only after; you receive the product after the completion of order.


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