Know the defects of ‘Manglik Dosh’ in Kundli and its effects in your life

Know the defects of ‘Manglik Dosh’ in Kundli and its effects in your life

Know the defects of ‘Manglik Dosh’ in Kundli and its effects in your life

A great mystery is involved with a person who has Manglik dosh (defects) in his Kundli. The one with all these unexpected and hidden obstacle or drawback in Kundli always are in worry and in anxious state because of the continuous problems they are facing since ages.

If a person is getting married and has Manglik snags in his or her Kundli, then he/she would surely have complexity in the upcoming life-events. On top of that, his /her would be partner might have complications in the near future too. 

If there is a mutual bitterness among the planets in either of the guy or the girl’s Kundli and some unusual defects or vice versa, then it would be very difficult for both the girl and the boy (Var-Kanya) to have a peaceful life ahead.

It is very necessary to pay special attention while matching Kundlis for the marriage purpose to avoid Mangal Dosha that can indirectly impact on either a girl or a boy person’s life and will bring out efficacy eventually to both of them. If any of them have strong Mangal misfortunes and defects in the Kundli, it is quite essential to think about their future occurrences that will or are likely to happen in time to come.

It is also said that if planet Mars is sitting right on their Janam Kundli or Chandrakundli, then the first house, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house or twelfth house of the Kundli will have a Mangalik flaw or defect in the horoscope.    Concurrently, if planet Mars flumps over all these places, then this grows into heart-rending and aching to a certain extent and becomes even more painful and torturous to each other.

Moreover, a couple’s financial and elemental status related to wealth, property, happiness, sorrow, prosperity and the subsequent events would assuredly be pleasant and joyful in time to come because the effects do not stay so long and get changed after taking proper guidance and recommendations from one of the renowned and skilled astrologers before marriage.

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