Know How astrology helps to get good health and fitness

Know How astrology helps to get good health and fitness

Know How astrology helps to get good health and fitness

Indian Astrology is an observational convention cum social science which considers the impact of planetary bodies (luminaries) to predict the accuracy (not 100%) about what’s going to happen in the future. A skilled astrologer computes those aspects on the subject of birth-signs and comes out with causes and roots with proper astrological remedies. On the other hand, Indian Astrology is a figurative, spiritual and mythic interpretation of estimating future data with the blend of planets, stars, and constellations movements. 

It is very obvious that everyone wants to live with a good health as it is the greatest possession of all. Lord Buddha truly said:  ‘To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear’. 

Good Health, Good Luck and Good Astrologer

Needless to say, Health is Wealth. It is outright clear that if a person is emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually fit and fine, then only he will be able to maintain his overall quality of life. These are life well- wishes that every individual desires to have. 

For achieving all these life’s fancies, there is a great deal of effort and commitment required. A pinch of astrologer’s guidelines can be a wise decision to gain good health and robustness. However, One’s fitness can be controlled by the environment he/she lives in or the ambience (office/workplace), he works in. If the environment is not acceptable and someone is facing mental or emotional strain, Astrology or Vastu Shastra (Astrological Remedies) might be at use to settle all these hurdles.

Additionally, it has remedies for gaining good health, physical strength and the state of being free from illness or injury. However, a person's mental or physical condition also depends upon his LUCK. Health does not always come from medicine. Most of the time, it comes from good luck, fate, peace of mind and soul. Here, discussing the effective panaceas (Astrological Remedies) of obtaining good health and fitness. 

Astrological Remedies for gaining good Health-Astrology for health: 

• While sleeping, place your head in the east-direction.

• Take a few pieces of rock salt in a bowl and put that bowl in your bedroom for some days.

• Worship Lord Hanuman and recite Hanuman Chalisa on every Saturday.

• Donate a pair of sandals or footwear to any poor or needy.

• Add water to a copper vessel and mix a little red sandalwood in it. Keep that water in bed and sleep at night. Proffer that water on a basil plant in the early morning.

• Take sugar, milk, rice and petha (pumpkin powder, vegetable maker) on Thursdays, and make a virtual circle on patient’s forehead and donate it to any religious place.

Are these remedies simple and easy to do? Probably, Yes..!!

For such pre-eminent solutions, Jyotirvid has renowned astrologers and skilled experts who would certainly give assistance to you and help you likewise with proper causes and tips. Dedicated maestros (astrologers) would succour you with the permanent simple astrological remedies and serve you in accordance with what is likely or achievable. 


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