Hidden Wishes according your Sun-Sign

Hidden Wishes according your Sun-Sign

Hidden Wishes according your Sun-Sign

Desires, Dreams and Wishes in Life are the fuels to our Creativity, our Motivation and our Excitement for Living. On account of it, Human behaviour flows from the three main sources: Desire, Emotion, and Knowledge. Once a famous writer- Conny Carnik said: ‘Desire and Fantasy go hand in hand, making Reality jealous’. In the meantime, Sun-signs disclose a lot about you, buddies. On grounds of these stars, people who have same sun-signs share the indistinguishable attributes and homogeneous desires. Get set go to know fantasies which every sun sign has, neither they leak universally nor they admit even in front of their loved-ones! 

Aries: Aries are born- leaders. Their hidden desire is to get all possible achievements by hook or by crook (by any means necessary). They work hard, harder, hardest to get their fantasized dreams come too. Day Dreamer they are and even work smarter when required. Sharp, ahaa!

Taurus: Taurus are highly pleasure-seeking signs. They like conveying their love through physical connection and even the most slavish Taurus have the potential to bring the object of their desire to their knees. Strange! Sweeties, You sound so sensual.

Gemini: Gemini often are phobic to homesickness. They experience a longing for their homes during a period of absence from it. Well a free advice to all Mumma’s boy, make yourself comfortable at the place, you live at and try to feel like home. Make it a less House and More Home. 

Cancer: Cancerians are maestros. They give you all the affection, attention, love and care you crave for and in consideration of it, they ask for the same concern and sensual interest in revenge. On this contrary, they perhaps ask rather than order when wanting something. Diplomatic they are!

Leo: ‘Living a Life King Size’ is their unsurpassed fantasy. Are you really living your life, King size or are you just going to pay the bills until you die or till your last breath? Leos, You are born under the most savage sun sign. Come on, utilize it at the peak and let the world know that you are the real ferocious Leopards in the Jungle gym! 

Virgo: Virgos play smart, even smarter when it comes to their fantasies. They talk to themselves in a more thoughtful manner and think more philosophically at times. They keep dreaming, every now and then and hardly compromise to achieve their goals which they follow. 

Libra: Desires for finger-licking dishes, scrumptious cuisines and succulent appetizers are their all-time weaknesses. However, they never convey to anyone about these hidden craves for rich foods. Does any Libra, around you, reveal about his/her mouth-watering desire?

Scorpio: ‘Shopping is in my veins’, You have taken this quote, way seriously, Scorpions! Dear Brandaholic personalities, you have the appearance of being busy in shopping, always. Is this your only fanciful imagination till date? I mean, who believes in being Shopaholic all the time?

Sagittarius: Sagittarius have passed many life lessons and muse practically, oftentimes. They are the adults who have managed everything with time and gathered the wisdom of his age. But, but they are still young-looking and hunger for the freedom and independence all their ways. It’s a good thing, though!

Capricorn: For you Capricorns, gym is Life, addicted to going beast mode. You spend less time on your phone and more time on lifting. You are in control of Yourself, No Excuses, Get in the Gym, Work hard, Enjoy the results. Health freaks you are, Is that true? Well, If you really want it, Don’t you dare to give up! Great Gains take time. Be patient and work hard everyday.

Aquarius: Aquarians are creative and never miss the Sun today worrying about the rain coming tomorrow. They chase and thrust for their never ending love towards being innovative and artistic. Apart from all these, they desire to please the ones they love. They believe in exhibiting their unconditional love, loyalty and obsession to their dear and near ones.

Pisces: Pisces, You are always being lusty for the adventurous trips and venturesome tours across the globe. If given chance, you are even prepared for the fiercest voyage that could be a sail over a pacific ocean or a walk to space. Daredevils, have control on your quest towards the daring places, who knows the future.

All Human Actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsions, habit, reason, passion and desire. Nevertheless, As You know Change is the New Sexy!!So do not be fret and always remember, mates!! Your Desire to change is always greater than your desire to stay the same. Life goes on and there are always new opportunities on the horizon! One should keep dreaming and chasing their fantasies. All are dreams can come true, If we have the courage to pursue them. 

So Never call it a DREAM, call it a PLAN!


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