Good Kissing tips according to Zodiac Sign

Good Kissing tips according to Zodiac Sign

Good Kissing tips according to Zodiac Sign

Kissing- the most tempting, irresistible yet saccharine moment between two love-partners while making love. A kiss can be wild, long-lasting, sudden, momentary or just a smacking lip-lock. It’s unbelievably difficult to imagine that by your sun-signs, you would now undergo how passionate you can be in kissing and what are your kissing make out styles. Apart from this, You have also a got a benefit to know how good/bad your partner can be while kissing, what you need to know is, just his/her zodiac sign…That’s it, Kissers!!!! Hurray..!! Hope you got much happier now. So, you are one step away. Hook the astrological sign of your kissing partners and be familiar with what kind of kisses, they crave for? Concurrently, recognize how they make you satisfied with their frenzied urge of kissing. Sounds interesting?? Of course, it does!! Well, check out these matchless signature manners of kissing as per your zodiac signs and improve yourself a bit, if you are not The Best.

Aries (March 21 – April 19):

Aries!!!! You always crave for being the special one in front of your kissing-partner, that’s something cool..!!!!! You love to get pampered and often times become so dramatic. However, the truth is- Never ever underestimate an Aries, as it can be too savage to handle at a later time. As, Aries are moody and can be uncomfortably hot and sweltering when provoked. But, people, If you love kissing in tempting weather, feel this queer endearment and enjoy soft, tender kisses under unlocked sky (sounds me, you will be delighted).

Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Taurus, Ahaa….!!!You are sharp like a crow, you love kissing your lover when he /she is in a least expected and interested mode as you do believe: Unexpected kisses are the Best. But, but, but, unlike your habit of kissing, you simply hate when your partner kisses you fortuitously by a lucky chance…Alas!!!!That spoils your mood. No worries, you have a right to acknowledge, let your partner know that you believe in tit for tat and trust in taking Revenge (wait, wait, don’t be a demon in hurry).

Gemini (May 21 – June 20):

Gemini peeps!!!  You are no lesser than The Lord of the Kisses. When you kiss your partner, it feels like ….Finally, it happened. You kiss with a zeal as you have never kissed before and also fantasize about your partner to be in the same state of bewilderment. It’s something spectacular; however make sure he/she reacts the same way (sorry for being candid this time). But yes, let the other person also feel the enchantment in the kissing… Stop being Selfish, Geminis.....

Cancer (June 21 – July 22):

Cancerians, for you, a Kiss is a blissful unconsciousness; you go in a deep state of numbness, amazement and perplexity while kissing, you wish to enjoy every bit of it. In a roundabout way, a deep kisser, ummm..Not Bad!!! Well, you also express your strong desire or hope something to happen unusually good (awww...Fingers crossed, hope that happens someday). Make a good chemistry with the lover and increase the chances of having sweet kisses (sounds sugary....hmmm).

Leo (July 23 – August 22):

You are dependent; yes you are…. At the same time you are slow like a turtle and shy like a horse. Though, You occasionally act somewhat similar to your sun-sign name,i.e. LEO and an expert at giving kisses that make anyone melt the heart away, interesting...!!!! However, Astronomical prediction say that you cannot be a lasting kisser (bad-news,aww), as kissing someone really long is not your cup of tea…All right, fine..!! Do not feel gloomy, just allure being a fleeting kisser, problem solved, no harm in that). 

Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

You act sometimes over-confident whilst kissing, undoubtedly, you all are attractive, confident, carefree and can even lip-lock in public places (dont be over-confident). You find nothing wrong in displaying your love in open (well, super cool). Your love is like-heer-ranja, romeo-juliet that is beyond the limits, touches the sky and is in the air. Well, Leos a free-advice for you-Be a little cultured and always cuddle your partner with warmth (hold them around their waist), meanwhile make them feel comfortable and de-stressed. It will work for sure, and do not forget to leave a thank you note in a comment section, later (hehe, just trying to be funny).

Libra (September 23 – October 22):

Librans, You are maestros in cuddling, hugging and can even express affection through endless conversations. You prepare yourself a lot before getting intimated into a kissing process, urgggg…!!!! Who takes time in kissing?? Just do a lip-lock or take a nippy peck on the lips. That’s it!!! Work done without much effort. Well, a priceless suggestion for you my friends, do not just grab your lover at the time of kissing, just politely start loving with hickeys and back-kisses to make them more cosy. Whoa, thank me later, champs. No claps please.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Scorpions…!!!!Your kisses are something that reveal care, affection and fondness towards your partner. You only kiss someone when you think that you are honestly in love with her/him. On account of this, your doting and amorous kisses turn your loving partner’s world upside down (wooohhoo, fascinating). Your partner always seem like hotter, better and full of exotic aromas all the time…so, babies, You are blessed. Take advantage of your partner who is holy good at kissing and always communicates how valuable you are for her/him (now, I say, lucky person you are..).

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Sags, You are sexually attractive and can exhibit a long, wild, wet-steady kiss at times. Damn..too slinky to digest) !! You even have capabilities to Turn On your opposite sex-partner quickly, really?? It seems like you are dominating and ball falls always in your court… born under a lucky star…ummm...On the other hand, You are efficient in experimenting different types of kisses with your partner and leave no stones unturned at times (sounds so sultry). …your partner is lucky, though… 

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19):

Predictions says: Capricorns, You kiss like you had never kissed anyone before and you always make your partner pretty comfortable and cosy during kisses (though you play sharp-witted yet). That is remarkable and cheering… Hurrayyy..!!! Whistles for you. Capricorns, you also know this fact that you always behave like this is going to be your first ever unplanned kiss…cheating...but must say you act wisely, hmm..!! In some way or other, you are clever and play with your shrewd mind…ahaaa..its mind-bogllingggg thing in ever aspect, trust me…well kudos!!!!

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18):

Aquarians, your touch and care through a kiss with the lips is certainly a sign of love and meantime an indication towards sensual desire too. Dearos, you also believe in long, slow, deep, soft and wet-kisses that last at most an hour, seriously, is this true?? You are mischievous, naughty and amusing sometimes and thus You always  kiss your bae in a waggish way every now and then…well, soothing it looks like…!!!. You are holy-hot, peppery and furious when it comes to kissing (ahem-ahem). On the other side of the story, you are sensitive and emotional and always loved to be cared with gentle smooches (aww, so sweet). 

Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

Pisces, Have you ever been said by someone that you are not good at kissing? If not then, we are sorry and feeling disheartened for you!! Poor you, but try try until you succeed and become a better kisser than before. We know that’s surely in your kitty and that is not something out of the box for you!! HOld on, Wait I heard, You wait your kissing partner to take an initiative and also want him/her to begin with the kissing part, hoodoo,really, strange who does so, damn? Kissing is something that no one can ever wait for that long... think about it or discuss with your partner latter.

Woohhhoo!! Hope you all have read about your respective sun-signs (as per your birth dates). You are either in a blithe and beaming state at the moment or may be smiling, blushing and bit annoyed. On the whole, now you got to know what sort of kisser you are and how vehement your kiss can be, right!! Well, a question here..!! Are we able to make it clear to you what we are trying to showcase with accordance to zodiac signs? If Yes, then dear babies, by now you have got a super power to tell just by looking at your partner’s eye, if they are a good kisser or not. If Not then better take a proper care the very next time, the way you kiss your much loved partner. Haha..

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