Gemini Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Gemini Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Gemini Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Gemini Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Gemini sign of Zodiac is the most changeable. People born under this sign of Zodiac are intellectual, charming, and fond of flirting. They often have literary gift, easily write, acquire various skills and win victories, but the family life is a burden for them. The apparent contradictions of their nature are imaginary - they just cannot bear monotony.


Both partners are optimistic and full of vigour, and they enjoy the variety of their sexual amusements. They are unlikely to get bored in the bedroom. Aries can guide and direct Gemini, and that is what they need. Aries is rather excited than irritated with Gemini's wilfulness. It's a wonderful short connection, with a good perspective of long-lasting relations.


Jealous and possessive, Taurus cannot accept Gemini's inclination for flirting. Gemini will make an indignant attempt to escape from the net of Taurus who limits his freedom. In the sexual aspect Taurus is too boring a partner for Gemini, and Gemini, in his turn, is unable to give Taurus stability he needs. These signs are really incompatible. The most probable result is a short unsuccessful affair.


Their connection can bring much joy to both sides, but it will lose its stability very soon as well. Except for physical attraction which is soon over, everything is leading them to the chaos. Both partners are impulsive and inclined for flirting, both easily get bored. Their love is passionate, but their marriage may turn into a disaster. In rare instances such combination is possible, but it's the most interesting couple you have ever seen.


This combination is dangerous. Cancer is too sensitive and shy to reveal his true feelings. Gemini will play love, and Cancer will take it seriously. Cancer needs encouraging, and Gemini can be too blunt. The difference between temperaments will be a source of constant troubles in bed. Connection will gradually come to naught, and marriage is unsuccessful.


Noble and generous Leo will become a plaything in the hands of Gemini - and will be pleased with that! Gemini are various and clever in sexual games, and Leo will react to this with admiration and fervour. Leo will allow Gemini to have his own way with much pleasure. Their partnership is ideal. Their connection will be wonderful and exciting; more permanent relations are also possible.


Virgo considers Gemini an immature lover, and Gemini treats Virgo as a bore. Virgo has a clear idea of sexual behaviour, while Gemini shows hesitancy. After their passion fades away, Virgo will start grumbling and criticizing Gemini and Gemini will start seeking pleasures outside. This is a short connection, bright as a flash and not supposed to last long.


This is an attractive and interesting combination. They are both passionate and most probably will often make love. Neither of them is jealous and possessive, and their temperaments balance each other. They both like experimenting with sex and both enjoy their intimacy. Their marriage is very happy.


They are sexually compatible, but their existence itself proves that physical attraction is not all. Scorpio is jealous, Gemini is inconstant. When Scorpio tightens the reins too much, Gemini starts kicking. After passionate beginning their relations cool down very quickly and even become hostile. Only extraordinary people can make a married couple.


Both are tireless, changeable and not too open as lovers. Gemini are prone to criticize Sagittarius in bed. There are other weak points in their relations, but the strong point is that they are both undemanding and not possessive. Their affair will start suddenly and finish in the same way. The marriage may be rather good, but it will take a lot of efforts from both sides.


Gemini is too independent and impatient for the conservative homebody Capricorn. Some things in the sexual behaviour of Gemini will embarrass Capricorn. Since Capricorn is concerned about work, career, money (not only about physical needs), he thinks that Gemini dissipates his energies and strays far afield in his plans. The connection is quite possible, but a successful marriage is a proof of true, all-conquering love.


Sensitive Gemini understands and appreciates the fantasies of Aquarius. They can become ingenious lovers and adventure-seekers. The main characteristic of their connection is unpredictability. Their intimate relations will not always be smooth, but they can bring both partners inspiration and satisfaction. After their connection is over, they will remain friends. Their marriage most probably will be pleasant and based on strong attachment rather than passion.


Both are capable of extraordinary sexual fantasies but rarely put them into practice. Pisces are too emotional for Gemini who live for a moment, and after they enjoy it, they just move on. It creates the atmosphere of suspicion and distrust. They can develop a real attachment between them but in the end their unstable relations will ruin their connection. The connection is quite risky, and marriage is unhappy.

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