Easy Vastu Tips to get success in exams

Easy Vastu Tips to get success in exams

Easy Vastu Tips to get success in exams

Easy Vastu Tips to get success in exams

The secret to success is hard work and good luck, if you can dream it, you can achieve it. With the fact that, Success and Fate goes hand in hand. It is often said that Success doesn’t come to you, you go to it. However with a blend of little Vastu Shastra tips (Vastu tips) each day, your Success would become Achievements. Likewise, Few Vastu Shastra tricks or Vastu remedies add up to big results and splendid outcomes. 

Whenever we discuss about Vastu tips and Vastu remedies to get success in the examinations, study room comes first in our mind. Since, most of the students and children prepare for the exams in their respective study rooms. If the study room is not in the right direction, it sometimes affects the child's success. Hence, due to architectural reasons he cannot get results according to his hard work.

Therefore, it is extremely important to take care of the direction in the study room for the child's success in the exam.

Vastu Tips for Study Room: 

• According to the Vastu rules, the reading room of the children or the study room should be in the North, East or North-East direction in such a way that the face is towards the east or north direction while studying.

• Whilst exam preparations, Table lamps should always be placed on the south-east side of the table.

• Never have a reading room (study room) near the toilet or a washroom. 

• Book- racks or bookcases in the room should be in the east or north direction for studies.

• If you want to study in the bedroom due to lack of space, then study tables, libraries and racks should be placed in the west or southwest direction i.e. in the southwest.

• While reading, face should be in the east or north direction only.

• Those who study in the drawing room are required to keep their desk, chair etc. in the north, north or north northwest, while the rack should be kept in the west or south direction.

• Avoid using Red bed sheet on a bed in the study room.

• The picture of Goddess- Mother Saraswati should be kept in the study room; it will communicate positive energy while studying in the exams.

Vastu Shastra is a divine Indian ancient science of euphony, affluence and success to intensify positive energies and to gradually cease negative vibes within and around us. Vastu signifies 'abode' & Shastra refers to science or knowledge. 

As per Vastu Shastra, if any person or a child is appearing for an exam or going for an interview, someone should splash some moong daal on him or her. Once the person leaves from the home, wipe off the grains of moong daal and throw away. It is said that that person will be victorious and flourish in his/her work.

Know such more Vastu Remedies for getting success in examinations by Jyotirvid and get Vastu tips and tricks instantly. 


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