Different Types of Love - Which one is yours

Different Types of Love - Which one is yours

Different Types of Love - Which one is yours

Everyone says: The best thing in this world is to love someone and to be loved in return. H Jackson brown jr sir also said- “Love is when the other person's happiness is more important than your own”. Love is a feeling; we feel alive and vigorous whenever we are in love. On account of it, a fewer kind of questions always arise in our mind with respect to LOVE and TENDERNESS, such as- types of love according to psychology, types of love according to ancient Greek and most importantly, do we have types of love and if so then how many types of love are there, etc. etc.? In essence, there are too many to be counted. Read the full article to know in which type of love are you into.

Love For God: The most spiritual and religious type of love is the dedication towards divinities and godheads. In Hinduism, there are umpteen gods and goddesses and everyone has distinct feelings and devotions towards their favourite deities.

True Love: Which type of love is defined as commitment only? True Love Better known as- Ishq Wala Love is a purest type of love between a man and a woman. It is often said that True love is blind in which two love birds completely fall for each other, recklessly.

Friendship Love: Friendship Love is something different, fresh and offbeat. Finding a true friend is not everybody’s cup of tea! Even it is considered as the sweetest blend of love, emotions and feelings between two or more people.

Physical love: This love is something that defines the sexual attraction and erotic feelings towards the partner. Physical love turns into lust as this can only be either a passionate desire or a sensuous appetite for someone, not more than that. This is a sign that a couple is entirely attracted with each other physically and lacks in mental as well as tender connection.

Passionate Love: Which type of love is defined as passion only, it would be for sure passionate love. Neither pure not sensual, just impassioned. Lovers who desire to shower their eternal loves with a bit of naughtiness are often considered to be in passionate love.

Unstable Love: The confused love is indeed unstable one, if a person is not firmly sure and perplexed about his/her feelings (and sentiments), then that person is said to be in a state of unstable love, for sure.

One-Sided Love: The famous dialogue-I Love You KKK….Kiran from Darr’ (90’s Bollywood movie) is most probably the best example of one-sided love. The Great Indian Actor- Shahrukh Khan carries immense fondness for the actress and thus famed as- a one-sided lover in the movie, since the actress (Juhi Chawla) does not carry love feelings for him.

Family Love: Family love is unconditional. It is unblended, refined and wholehearted among family members especially parents have for children and vice versa. As family love is supposed to be life’s greatest blessings and family is one of the nature’s masterpieces.

Childish Love: Immature and unformed love is a secret bond developed between two love-birds and starts too soon to understand. This is not so grown love and thus amusingly called to be- Childish love. Indeed an adolescent or teenaged love, containing a feeling of unreasonable insanity and madness for the other partner.  

Show off Love: Fake love is Show- off love. This sort of love is not genuine and expresses fakes feelings and attachments towards someone. It is usually showed- off with the intention to deceive or defraud someone in love. This is all about exploiting the other person in a relationship by publicizing the so-called fake love in front of everyone.

First Love (pehla pyaar): A first love always holds a special place in someone’s heart. It is often unforgettable and contains the truest feelings for the other person. But lucky are believed to be those people whose first love is the last one. First love gives goose bumps and always is everyone’s favourite. No matter, how many times, you fall in love yet the first love is always something special and irreplaceable.

Materialistic Love: Oftentimes, we hear about love for material things such as- for money, cars, houses, bikes and many more. The desires, we usually crave for from materialistic properties are endless and temporary. The more we hunger, the greater are the chances of getting addicted with all these material things. Because the love for materialistic goods grows like a fungus in the soul, indeed.

Self-Love People forget to love themselves and often involve in pampering others. Self-love is even known to be the toughest to showcase since no one finds time to love their inner souls and fails to encourage what they really are! Love yourself, be yourself and never miss a chance to flaunt self-love even if everybody is around.

Okay!! So which type of love are you? Are you into a truest form of love or in a middle of self-love? Most of the people have a special urge of flaunting love or has a special hunger for materialistic products sometimes. Thence, it’s your time to figure out what is your love type and how are you going to deal with it in the coming times!! Do not forget to tell us about your type of love in the comment section. We would be happy to know yours!!


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