Capricorn Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Capricorn Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Capricorn Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Capricorn Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Capricorn is practical, punctual and ambitious. He often succeeds in his work and everything he does. He is often considered cold, but in fact, he loves very deeply but cannot express his feelings. Capricorns are honest, simple, faithful and reliable as earth itself.


This alliance is an alliance of two lonely people. For Capricorn, marriage is an attempt to get on firm ground. Capricorn will wish to rectify and reform Aries, to direct his emotions into necessary channel. This results in antagonism, clashes and breakups. If Aries is weak-natured, he will become a spineless spouse. And if Aries is strong-natured, one can say about this marriage "Diamond cut diamond".


This is the most favourable union where partners are sexually compatible and united with common interests. Capricorn plays the leading role in relations - he controls Taurus and instructs him in everything - from correct way of storing things to principles of life. Sometimes it can make Taurus's blood boil. Feeling that he has gone too far, Capricorn gives Taurus temporary illusion of freedom, but then starts giving orders again. Taurus is inert by nature, and he inwardly admires the endurance and working capacity of Capricorn, trying to follow his lead.


This combination is very rare. For Gemini, Capricorn is a big mystery which attracts and teases him. Capricorn's coldness and inaccessibility seem an interesting mask to Gemini, and he feels curious - what is there behind it? But for Capricorn, Gemini is like a child - not serious, superficial, and naive. As a rule, marriage between Capricorn and Gemini crashes, and if it holds, it is only due to Capricorn desire to reform Gemini at all costs or to the atypical nature of these signs.


This combination is rather rare and problematic as these signs are not well-compatible. Capricorn makes too high demands of Cancer, trying to establish his own rules and to correct his partner according to his own image. But it is impossible - to reform Cancer! Here start long conflicts, mutual attraction and repulsion and finally complete disappointment and breakup.


This connection is quite difficult but possible. Leo often deceives Capricorn with his generosity and promises of the moon. Leo may fail to fulfil his promises, but Capricorn will wait for this until he understands that he was deceived. Then he becomes disillusioned with Leo. Leo seeks hidden passion behind Capricorn's outward severity (and very often he finds it), but sooner or later he gets tired of constant straightforward strategy of Capricorn, as he likes changes.


A well-balanced and stable connection both are practical and sensible, both regard things in a sober light. Capricorn likes Virgo's reasonable requirements and critical mind, as well as his ability to notice that smallest detail which will allow solving a universal problem. And with Capricorn Virgo can perceive all secrets of love; he needs Capricorn's tender words and compliments. Children make this marriage imperishable.


Capricorn admires pedantic Libra, his discretion and moderation. And for Libra, Capricorn is his fortress and support. But at the same time Libra directs, teaches and instructs Capricorn. They easily find common language in everything except love. In spite of sweetness and light of their relations, they can suddenly and coldly part fulminating anathemas at each other.


A brilliant union of two strong signs (if they both belong to the highest types of their signs). Even if they part, they become enemies who seem to play an exciting and dangerous game with each other. But as a rule, their love is constant, deep and strong, and with time their feelings don't cool down. Their children are happy, because they grow up in the atmosphere of love and harmony.


Sagittarius is a censor of public laws, order and generally accepted rules. But for Capricorn, they don't exist at all - only his own rules are important for him. Their alliance is possible as much as it is possible to reconcile one's inner laws with public laws, the individual with the collective. It may be either a marriage for convenience when spouses share the same interests or business, or a fully spiritual marriage.


This is a connection of two lonely people. But their connection doesn't give them opportunity for development - only for business partnership when each cares about his own interests. As a rule, they don't manage to find a compromise, and each remains unconvinced. Then they start seeking consolation elsewhere without even getting together properly. But a very happy marriage where two halves make up one whole is also possible.


At first glance, they are very alike - both are strangers charmed with each other. But this is just an illusion which will last as long as both feel lonely. They seem to be created for mutual deception Aquarius thinks that Capricorn is constant and absolutely reliable, but he doesn't even suspect that Capricorn is absolutely free and very cunning. He won't let anybody into his soul. And Capricorn thinks that Aquarius is such a person who will love him, but won't encroach upon his freedom. But Capricorn doesn't understand that Aquarius, like everybody, wants to tie him to home and to receive freedom for himself. 


This may be an ideal union based on selfless love which passes into a complete melting in the partner. The whole world is open to these two idealists and mystics. Together they are able to perceive all mysteries of the world. Their union is eternal unless it is built on pragmatic principles. But if Capricorn is too down-to-earth, if his credo is "Only money makes the man", he may want to make Pisces work hard for the sake of career. Pisces won't accept that and sooner or later he will have to leave in disappointment. Or, if Pisces puts up with this and accepts such lifestyle, he will never feel happy.

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