Cancer Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Cancer Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Cancer Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Cancer Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Cancer is faithful and devoted in love and family life. Family is the place where they find comfort and self-realization. They are sensual, thin-skinned, giving more than taking. They are honest and reliable in their work, dislike innovations and observe the conventionalities. They possess unusually keen intuition which sometimes turns into mysticism but conceal that because they dislike standing out in the crowd.


For Cancer, Aries likes adventures too much; Cancer is more traditional, though strong sexual attraction can be felt in the beginning. In the course of time Aries can provoke gloomy jealousy in Cancer, and Cancer can be easily offended with the sharp tongue of Aries. Aries dislikes the possessive inclination of Cancer. Their relations are very complicated, and marriage is unsuccessful.


Cancer introduces into this connection his sensuality and imagination. They are both passionate and need no other interests in order to satisfy each other. Taurus is able to understand Cancer's mood swings and to help smooth over the difficulties if they arise. Taurus is attentive, and Cancer is responsive to his attention. Understanding of each other's problem will contribute to a pleasant relation. Marriage is successful.


Communication with inconstant, flirting Gemini seeking life pleasures will increase Cancer's diffidence. Uncontrollable sexual energy of Gemini will create many problems for Cancer and result in conflicts. Cancer will be very jealous and try to restrain Gemini's activity which will arouse his indignation. Very emotional relations and more lasting relations are possible, in spite of difference of temperaments.


Two Cancers are too much alike to be happy. They both suffer from excessive sensitivity which leads to emotional problems. They both want to play leading role in the sexual relations, and this result in frequent criticisms and quarrels. However, they are physically attractive for each other, and in the beginning their relation can turn out very sensual. Marriage will demand from both partners more good will and mutual understanding.


Leo tends to regulate the Cancer's mood. Leo is very generous in his affection, and this gives confidence to the changeable Cancer. From the other hand, Leo needs flattering and admiration, especially in the sexual sphere, and he should dominate. If Cancer is willing to meet Leo half-way, a passionate connection and a successful marriage are possible.


Virgo is practical by nature and secures the basis of this connection. Cancer is more emotional than reserved Virgo, but they are able to feel deep affection for each other. In the sexual aspect they are a wonderful match. The problem is that they both are shy and have to make efforts lest they should get bored. Their connection is good, and their marriage may be quite nice.


Libra finds it difficult to deal with Cancer's changeable temperament. In his turn, Cancer feels uncertain and anxious because of Libra's affection. Libra is attracted by Cancer, but at the same time prefers to avoid troubles. If Cancer feels hurt, it will create some difficulties. And when Libra starts looking around, everything is drawing to the end. Connection is possible, but the marriage is risky.


Scorpio's power and need to dominate and protect is just what Cancer needs. In intimate relations Cancer is more sensitive, and Scorpio is more passionate. But Cancer's willingness to give pleasure to his partner helps avoid many problems in this sphere. Scorpio doesn't give vent to his fierce jealousy because Cancer is devoted to his partner. Love is getting stronger, and a good connection may grow into a wonderful marriage.


Their desires are different, their goals are opposite. Sagittarius is a pilgrim and doesn't like to be tied with sexual bonds while Cancer needs complete confidence of love which Sagittarius is unable to provide him. Cancer lives for the sake of future, while Sagittarius lives for the present. When Sagittarius gets bored and starts seeking another partner, Cancer will be deeply hurt. Prospects for more or less stable connection are vague.


Capricorn is unable to give Cancer that affection he needs - he has too many other interests to attend. Nevertheless, there is a strong sexual attraction between these two signs. Everything will be wonderful between them in the bed until Cancer gets tired of Capricorn's practicality and reserve. Their connection is unstable, and marriage is undesirable.


A single Aquarius will bring too much fuss into the life of vulnerable Cancer. Cancer is more open and stable than adventurous Aquarius who is always ready to respond to the sirens' calls. So, Cancer's needs may remain unsatisfied. Aquarius tends to dispense himself from emotional requirements. For some time they are able to find common language in bed, but they won't stand the test of long-term partnership in the sitting-room.


A very good match in sexual aspect. They are responsive, affectionate, and supportive. Perhaps, Cancer will dominate in the relations, because Pisces is prone to eccentricities in love. Their quarrels never last long and soon end in bed. They suit each other perfectly both at daytime and night, both for short connection and long-term relations.

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