August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

August 2018 Monthly Horoscope

August 2018 Monthly Horoscope


There may have some health issues this month such as- problem in breathing, cold-cough, small injuries or joint pain in the legs. Consult your doctor and get medicines for all these obstacles. Good news, Aries people..!!! If you are thinking of getting a car of your own, then you can go ahead, this is the right month to have your dreams come true. Your family would support you in every ups and downs and your mother has already started showing special attention, there is a better opportunity to obtain economic and financial benefits. Showered with great health, wealth and prosperity this month. Will surely be helped by your family members regarding your business and work. With family co-operation, it is suggested to perform holy ceremonial for peace and harmony among family members. Due to lack of concentration, you may have to face difficulties. There may be some obscurity in examinations related to competition.



Hello Taurus, a good month to start a business or any entrepreneur. Your good health would be better and there are no more difficulties with mental and physical condition. However, some small difficulties may arise in lower parts of the body such as urine infection and gall-bladder problem, so its better you take a proper care of your health and be happy. You will get good support from your colleagues this month and an appraisal is more likely to happen. You will have some more challenges in your work and your super senior won’t annoy you with his/her expectations. If you are planning to own a car or a house, then luck is on your way. Nevertheless, if you are a student then, it’s not a propitious time to studies and to get results.



You will have a good health month. No as such problem would be diagnosed related to your health, this month. Could have irritation, fatigue and mental illnesses. Feel relaxed and plan to visit nearby place for some adventurous activity along with your friends or family. However, difficulties with any kind of stomach can arise. So, It is suggested to go and have some check up when you have stomach ache. You can go for some Family get-together and you might be able to feel happy and satisfied after meeting them. Kids become the reason of your happiness. Money can be an asset in terms of real estate because the planet Mars is proved quite beneficial this time for the real estate realization and investment. You will also have full responsibility towards the new project and the possibility of receiving a higher position can be seen.



If you are employed then you can get good opportunities for growth in your field of work. Therefore, your profitable efforts can help you in getting success and you could even get an appraisal in the later part of the month. Some complexities related to health may arise, though. August month will bring some kind of uneasiness and a very small issue which can later, create fatigue and tiredness.  A discomfort can be there due to urine infection or cold-cough. If you would take a really good care of yourself then you might not need anyone to console you at a time of grief or disappointment. The Monetary status may improve or can be better. Astrology says that Saturn is transiting into Sagittarius that makes a prominent usage of economic benefits related to career and occupation .



There would not be any chronic health complexities. Sometimes you can have sinus, cold, cough and fever in the month. You would not be into big situation that can create problem in the upcoming time. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about and enjoy your life to the fullest. It is recommended to concentrate on your work rather than pointing out mistakes in others. Also suggested to be little careful in workplace and do extra effort with full-fledged confidence to gain hike. Complete your entire work task bit voluntarily and on time. You are a centre point at office; take advantage and be a master. There is a chance of getting blamed by someone for the mistake you have not done, therefore try to stay away from fake people around.



Profitable work plans can be initialized through family support in this month. All difficulties and complications can be solved by mutual harmony. Future prosperity can be developed due to mutual understanding and trust among the family members can also be seen. Any effort towards the execution of any new work can have success in the future. From the financial point of view, this month will be advancement for you because the Guru is transiting in Libra. If you are in tensed situation then it is recommended to not panic in adverse circumstance and try your hand in getting involved in economic undertakings. Patience gives good success. Destiny will be your best companion this month. Spend less and save money. Career is going to provide you a kind of benefit and profit.



In the month start, there may be some issues related to health and especially however in the month end, benefits may be seen. You may have stomach ache and other infections in phlegm or abdomen part. It is a compulsion to be canny while consuming unhealthy street food. These foods can affect your health many ways. You would have great interaction with your family members. Be aware while driving on highways and jammed roads to avoid accidents and mishaps.  Some pending work is also likely to be completed very soon. With basic rituals, conduct a Shanti Path- for healthy environment and peace and make sure to plan that with proper Shubh-Muhurat (auspicious-time). However, there is a possibility of some profit in family business. Also, some difficulties may arise related to any of the family member’s health.



Be little choosy while eating junk food from outside as it may later on affect your health. You would face issue related to small wounds or joints pain in the legs or could have pain in hands.&nbsp Take a chill-pill and enjoy weekends with family or friends. Your better half or would be wife is planning something special, so be ready for surprise or a bash this month. You would face- anxiety, fatigue or stress related trouble. Howbeit, you have good opportunities and can have better economic benefits.  Family-members are most likely to help you in bad time and do not forget to take your parents blessings before starting any venture or undertaking. If you are living outside it is suggested to take a visit to home on coming occasions.



Be aware while travelling and be little cautious as you could get a small injury from an accident. Financial problem may occur in the last days of the month. So calculate before spending money and don’t be a spendthrift. Be polite with your life-partner that would certainly add charisma and spark in your love relationship. A girl or a boy who is looking for a bride or a groom can get good news. You would get a full support from the family-members if you are looking to buy any gadget, appliance or any other electronic thing for yourself. The success would be at your doorstep if it is not done for the profit perspective. 



Economically, you would face some problems and on top of that a lot of work to complete at the office. You wished to live life king size but fate is not at all co-operative. DO not loose hope and try to work harder this month to achieve a success. Be less-anxious and concentrate on pending work as well. 

Give your work a new direction and you would nitice a lot changes at your way. he more effort you would put into giving something a new direction, more success, you achieve. Therefore, be patient, do not be disturbed. Keep trying to do everything in a proper way. Conditions will be favourable in terms of health in this month. There is no such situation to cause any unnecessary problems. Occasionally, normal situations may arise and physical problems may have to be faced, very often. But as the time passes, it will be fine and you will be relaxed and okay. So take care of time and manage it carefully to avoid future hassles.



Aquarius it’s your month..!Hurray..!! Celebrate like a legend. If you are looking to invest some money in buying a house, then for sure you have chosen the right month. Got ahead and get your dream home with some loans if you wish. Concentrate on your work and you would have success on your way. Try not to make any new friend and meet the old ones for making bygone memories alive. If this is your birthday month then you might be having some special gifts waiting to surprise you. There will be economic benefits but the possibility of delay is found. Work hard and try to achieve your goals this month for good financial growth. 



You could have problems in breathing. Chances of skin infections on to the body due to rainy season are there. Do not eat food items from the street and prevent yourself from diarrhoea, constipation etc. Avoid junk food and take proper care of your lunch and dinner habits. Possibilities of getting good opportunities for some economic benefits can be seen. Invest in any field and there would be a chance of profitable result. If you are seeking to have your own car or a house, this month is the right to take any decision for this investment.  For maximum profit, try to invest as much as possible for future use. 


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