Aquarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Aquarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Aquarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

Aquarius Love Relationship With Other Zodiac Signs

This is a sign of geniuses. Aquarius adores justice, has broad interests and never irritates anyone. Their ideas are original, their mind is shad


Aries who is active by nature is attracted by Aquarius who is always ready for changes and adventures and can do everything for his friends. Marriage of Aquarius who respects his partner's personality, freedom and independence, and Aries who receives Aquarius's encouragement and approval, may become an ideal union.


A hard marriage with little compatibility Aquarius is attracted with Taurus's devotion and love for home. Though he prefers freedom, he needs a place to return. But for Taurus, Aquarius's freedom is intolerable. Their relations in marriage will be cold at one moment and hot at another, now there will be burst of passion, and then there will be conflicts and alienation. Such a connection rarely can be kept for a long time.


In spite of frequent quarrels and disagreements, this is a successful connection. Aquarius teaches Gemini transformations and insight. They have a lot of common interests, and this union contributes to the evolution and development of both. Their love often grows into friendship. Aquarius is so original and changeable that Gemini don't feel the need to seek another partner, as a rule. They never feel bored together. But if Gemini does cheat Aquarius, the latter won't forgive that. He just lives with this to the bitter end, and then leaves - recklessly, unconditionally, and forever.


This is a crazy, difficult but rather frequent combination. They feel attracted with each other and at the same time something repels them from each other. They keep parting and coming together again. Their relations are more like catharsis which transforms both of them. Cancer is used to holding and tempting his partner, but Aquarius cannot be tempted with anything - the day will come when he leaves. And Cancer will wait for him forever. But as soon as Aquarius returns, Cancer starts building a home prison for him again. Aquarius will destroy it at once, and everything will start again.


At first they feel strong attraction to each other, but as a rule, later they understand that they are quite opposite and part. Leo likes being in the centre of everybody's attention, while Aquarius doesn't attract attention to his personality and tries to behave quietly and independently. Aquarius doesn't attach significance to the things which are important and symbolic for Leo. Only people with rich spiritual life and at an older age can understand that two opposites are one whole.


This connection is infrequent. Virgo loves his home, order, family-building. Aquarius is free and independent, and the most important thing for him is to have a place where to return when he gets tired of his friends, trips, problems etc. Their marriage will last as long as Virgo is patient.


This is a successful and fruitful connection. They have common creative plans and original ideas. They like travelling, meeting friends, receiving guests, being in the company. As a rule, they do the same work, successfully complementing each other.


In this marriage Scorpio almost always prevails over Aquarius. He directly or indirectly guides Aquarius. Their love is original and a bit eccentric by nature. The periods of peace and harmony change into the long wars, then follows happy reconciliation - until a new war. But at that it is very difficult for them to do without each other.


Can two kings sit on one throne? One of them will have to relinquish his hold. Life of two Sagittarius’s will be marked with constant race for power. Either of them will try to become the master of the family. Family will divide into two enemy camps unless the parties are united with a common goal - in this case they will behave like two hunters driving a share. 


At first glance, they are very alike - both are strangers charmed with each other. But this is just an illusion which will last as long as both feel lonely. They seem to be created for mutual deception Aquarius thinks that Capricorn is constant and absolutely reliable, but he doesn't even suspect that Capricorn is absolutely free and very cunning. He won't let anybody into his soul. And Capricorn thinks that Aquarius is such a person who will love him, but won't encroach upon his freedom. But Capricorn doesn't understand that Aquarius, like everybody, wants to tie him to home and to receive freedom for himself. 


This is a rare connection which can be built only on friendship and equality at home. Otherwise their life together won't work out, and they both will feel uneasy at home, sensing its "emptiness".


These people are attracted to each other with idealism and belief in unknown, might-have-been things, in fantasies, illusions, tales and other mysteries of the world. They seem to each other mysterious faraway countries, but "crossing the border" is not always possible because of fear to lose one's individuality and to vanish in the partner. In marriage bright colours and cheerful pictures may give place to sober and ugly reality. Everyday life will become a stumbling block for both partners.

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