A Kundli can have a disadvantage and negative effect

 A Kundli can have a disadvantage and negative effect

A Kundli can have a disadvantage and negative effect

A Kundli can have a disadvantage and negative effect

Kundli is a birth chart which depicts your future by the aid of birth-date, time and the place as well as the position of nine-planets at that period. These astral vital forces and their signals, activities, motions have an influence (negative or positive) on our communal and solitary lives. 

Let’s here discuss a bit about, what problems a person can face, if he/she is not interestingly focusing on using Kundli in their life. 

At the time of a birth, it is said that if a child is born at night, then he/she possesses a regular tendency or practice to awake late at night and vice-versa. Hence, it is cleared by these outcomes, the effect fabricated by these celestial elements are due to the positioning of the stars and other conspicuous planets in the sphere. Taking this into account, unfortunately, an infant or a toddler may face hindrances during his/her childhood and can last forever. If parents do not take these things into consideration, subsequently the child can challenge some issues such as- health problems, including shorten of breathe, weight-loss or obesity, loss of appetite and such more. 

On top of that, a lot many difficulties and troubles can unexpectedly be faced with or experienced, including:

• An unmarried girl can have trouble in getting married (even though, if she has not yet crossed her marriage- age)

• An employee can be in a situation where he finds difficulties in achieving his career related attainments.

• A pregnant lady can bear intolerable labour pain whilst giving birth to a child.

• A fit and fine person confronts health-related problems or misfortunes every now and then.

• Would outface unhealthy - situations in love-relationships and marriages (specially love).

• Partner/spouse looses instantly interest in you and will start ignoring you for no reason. 

• A boy or a girl can find hindrances in self- chosen job or profession. 

• Can become short-tempered and lose temper very often.

• The frequent arguments, fights will always be in your kitty. Would rather concentrate on a fight over useless topics and discussion, hence a conversation might convert into argument with no reason.

• Will challenge money-crisis and that will eventually lead into money-problem further.

• Students can experience Failure in government entrance examinations.

These are just examples of what problems, difficulties and troubles, an individual can face without a Kundli. Therefore it is also advised to take proper consultation and recommendation on grounds of either - Janam Kundli or Business Life-Prediction Kundli for better tomorrow.


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